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Last Cell in TableView Shows Cell From SCExpandCollapseCell Section When Collapsed

Posted by wizgod on 21 March 2015 - 09:33 AM

Greetings Programs!

Here are the images first:
[attachment=658:IMG_8962.PNG] (https://www.dropbox....G_8962.PNG?dl=0)
[attachment=659:IMG_8963.PNG] (https://www.dropbox....G_8963.PNG?dl=0)
[attachment=660:IMG_8964.PNG] (https://www.dropbox....G_8964.PNG?dl=0)
[attachment=661:IMG_8965.PNG] (https://www.dropbox....G_8965.PNG?dl=0)

Picture 1: Section is collapsed and last cell is Manage Points
Picture 2: Section is expanded and (important) ->tableview was scrolled up<- and Manage Points is there
Picture 3: Section is expanded and at top of tableview (or scrolled to top when at Picture 2) with the last section (and Manage Points cell) not visible
Picture 4: Section is collapsed and the last cell is now a cell from the collapsed section



Edit: I attached the image and they show as attached in edit mode but aren't showing up here...Just in case, I've dumped them on dropbox.

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