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SCSelectionCell doesn't load values on detail view on iOS 9

Posted by Brendan Duddridge on 15 June 2015 - 08:32 AM

Hi Tarek,

Using the following code:

SCSelectionCell *cloudServiceCell = [SCSelectionCell cellWithText:NSLocalizedString(@"Sync Service", nil)
items:@[NSLocalizedString(@"None", nil),

None of my items get displayed on the details view. I thought maybe it was this one screen, but anywhere I use this type of code doesn't work. No items get displayed and instead of the normal < Back type button on the details view, I see a "Cancel" button instead, even though I navigated to the details view from a UINagivationController.

I just downloaded the latest 4.2.4 Pro and it still has this problem.

Are there any workarounds for this? My app kind of doesn't function very well with this issue.



Thanks a lot Brendan for reporting.

This turns out to be due to a minor architectural change in iOS 9 where UITableViewController's 'initWithStyle:' no longer calls 'init'. We'll be updating our upcoming release to reflect that.

Brendan Duddridge
Jun 15 2015 12:45 PM
Thanks for fixing that one Tarek!

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