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autoDisableNavigationButtonsUntilViewAppears enabled Done button with required fields still blank

Posted by ozie on 12 January 2016 - 09:40 PM

when using
autoDisableNavigationButtonsUntilViewAppears = YES

when the view opens both Cancel and Done are disabled... great:)

but once the view is fully open, both the Cancel and Done are enabled, even tho the form has required fields set that disable the Done button until the form is valid


even is the core data field option is not ticked.. or
    SCPropertyDefinition *titleDef = [courseDef propertyDefinitionWithName:@"title"];
    titleDef.required = YES;

both buttons are enabled once the form opens when using autoDisableNavigationButtonsUntilViewAppears = YES

Just noticed this issue too.

My popup has several .required = YES fields as well as some custom .valueIsValid blocks. I'm sure this worked before in combination with autoDisableNavigationButtonsUntilViewAppears.
Now the "Done" button is enabled by default, and only gets disabled once the user modifies a field and therefore triggers the validation.

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